Dive d’oggi: Laura P. Ellis

lau-cLaura P. Ellis, foto di Chiara Callegari

Writer, artist, dj, photographer and model, Laura P. Ellis presently lives and works in Berlin. Her intense beauty and cosmopolitan personality, far from the “Barbie” cliché, so common, make her fit to represent the energetic culture of that avant-garde city.

by Leonardo Terzo


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Fra oggetto estetico e oggetto etnografico

Screen ShotLeonardo Terzo, Applied Art, 2013

Any human product (ethnographic object) has an intrinsic aesthetic form and value, though it underlies and supports its primary everyday practical function. What today is “design” has always existed as handicraft. Conversely, even art works perform their aesthetic function as ethnographic objects, to supply their pure aesthetic effect to everybody’s everyday life. Pure art has the practical function to draw attention to the necessary formal appearance which contributes to the understanding of the world. Continua a leggere