Immagini e persone: Viola T.

Viola T. looks slightly perfect, for a roundness of her body, not that she has a gram of unnecessary weight, on the contrary she causes the impression that she is all right the way she is, and her physical fullness conveys a fullness of personality as well. Nothing is out of place with her, and this makes it difficult to describe her.

Her intense beauty succeeds in looking temperate, as if it were the result of nature’s industrial design. And her sobriety is lovely, were it not for her smile, which on the contrary shows glaring overwhelmingly. It says the delight she intimately enjoys, even if her reserve tries to make herself appear a not yet accomplished perfection. She can do lots of things: she writes, she is a photographer, she has a job, she travels, she lives with a man, she has cultural passions for some countries, she can speak foreign languages, but as with her other excellences, she does not exhibit them, does not show off, and the person who deals with her has to venture to explore and discover them. That is: on his own initiative he has to open the coffer of her character. And so he realizes that her smile is a defence too, like a dazzling flash that prevents you from seeing and going beyond.

She can also be ironic; indeed she often tries to be satirical, but her kindness prevails at last and does not allow her to be too unpleasant, because she is romantic. Her emotions regulate her strict rationality, where usually it is the other way round. She can be energetic, because she is lively, but in her all the typical feminine naturalness has been refined by manners, by the conscious refusal of malice, by a magnanimous acceptance of life. Dancing in the light, with the right mind.